IT Consulting

There is no doubt that today's businesses must respond to an increasingly intensified competition and provide the highest levels of profitability and growth. These needs require greater flexibility and collaboration within the organization. An organization cannot evolve by solving only primary problems. All the companies that developed were innovative, went on innovative projects. The good news is that information technology already offers the solutions and platforms needed to accomplish these difficult tasks.

We consider that the efficiency through the automation / computerization of the processes is a continuous activity in an organization. We are looking for partners who share the same values ​​and understand the need and benefits of using software systems.

Our consulting activity is complementary to our software products and solutions. We can offer you the whole chain of services: starting from the consulting, the development and implementation of the software itself, as well as the quality assurance of the implemented solution. All in a close and efficient communication relationship guaranteed by the IT consultancy provided.

Consulting and automation is not just the concern of large organizations. We consider that we have solutions for everyone, affordable solutions with a fast and high return on investment.

Among our activities we can offer you:

  • regular meetings with clients for a better understanding of their needs and definition of objectives
  • presentation of solutions through proposals / reports
  • identifying software and hardware needs
  • purchase of software and hardware systems if needed
  • active participation in the development of client organization projects
  • development and implementation of custom software solutions
  • organizing trainings for staff
  • periodic reports of impact of the solutions offered

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