Our services are mainly in the area of business applications with web interface, distributed through the Internet or in the form of intranets. We are committed to adding value to our clients' businesses and invest time in understanding their needs in depth. We understand the importance of quality and consider it a primary factor. We guarantee it, but you don't have to believe the word. We let you follow us step by step. Our partners are permanently kept close to our specialists in an organized and computerized environment.

Our products

Make your organization more efficient by automating work planning and creating working procedures. Respect the deadlines with the help of critical information about the status of the projects and obtain relevant reports on the group's activity.

Centralize your organization's documents in a repository accessible anywhere and anytime through the INTERNET. Increase productivity by implementing work procedures, document flows and standardized documents. A complex, innovative solution for automating a call center or sales-oriented department over the phone.

The application is intended for companies that want a call-center department or carry out various studies, market research or sales campaigns by telephone or other communication media. Existing reports within the application allow quantitative and qualitative evaluation of operators and supervisors.