Outsourcing is the contracting of a company, extrinsic to your organization, for the purpose of carrying out processes, software projects or functions that were otherwise performed internally. If information technology is not the main object of the company's activity, you can consider the alternative of allocating own resources. There are many situations in which it can be more advantageous to call for external support to the company, support with a high qualification that you cannot always expect from the beginning of the internal employees.

Of the common activities that you can outsource we mention:

  • Maintenance of software systems
  • Development of custom software
  • Maintenance and updating of websites
  • IT consulting that gives you that valuable information to use technology for the direct benefit of the organization


Cost reduction can come from low staff, but not only. Some expenses related to unnecessary computing techniques, computers, servers, software licenses, their maintenance or personnel recruitment costs may disappear.

Applying to a company specialized in IT services you get a different level of quality. Access a team of true specialists, with excellent training in the field, paying only the time allotted exclusively to your projects, without dead time and at the same time receive the attention you deserve.

You ensure the quality and continuity of the process outsourced through a contract, which is difficult to achieve in the case of an internal process. Dependence on your own employees is sometimes a heavy burden, it can be much more comfortable the relationship with a company that has all the interest to maintain you as a customer.

Outsourcing allows you to focus your attention on the main activities of the organization and not on the secondary ones. The risk of the company's ability to provide a service or the execution of a project is limited to what you know how to do better and not to things independent of the main expertise.

For maximum transparency in the relationship with your organization we come with detailed real-time reports on the work done. With a simple click of a button, you will know at any time, in detail, as well as what worked, giving you a control at least as good as in the case of internal processes.

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